The epic journey of a sibling pair as they trek 2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachia Trail.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures in Hampton: Theresa's Grill

News of an all-day breakfast place met the ears of Hansel and Gretel and Theresa's Grill instantly became an essential destination.  When they entered this dive of a building claiming to be Theresa's, the first thing they saw was an old woman, silently sitting in a folding chair, giving them the death stare.

"Ahhh, hi!  Can we eat here?" They asked.  Nothing.  Just more staring.  Not knowing what to do, Hansel and Gretel just stood there and waited while Folding Chair Lady drilled holes through their foreheads with her eyes.  Finally, another woman came out from a back room.

"Y'all can eat.  Sit down.  What d'y'all want?"  She said dryly.  She tells them they can't have biscuits and gravy because they are out of biscuits and gravy, which was interesting because some other guy came into the restaurant five minutes later, ordered biscuits and gravy and got biscuits and gravy, but let's not get hung up on biscuits and gravy.  The entire menu, consisting of about five items, was written up on a white board.  They ordered their meal, and for only $10, they ended up with a giant breakfast... which, needless to say, did not include biscuits and gravy.

Hansel and Gretel thought they should visit the restroom before heading out, but it's possible that they might have been better off saving it for the woods.  The toilet was basically a seat on top of a wooden platform.  Not only was there no toilet paper, there wasn't even a place to put the TP if the bathroom had been fully equipped.  It seems like Hampton's bathing accommodations are universally lacking.  This was the town where Hansel and Gretel couldn't find an adequate shower and ended up bathing in the bathroom of a gas station.

They both agreed that the best part of their Hampton day was going to Subway, buying sandwiches, putting them in their packs and then eating them for dinner once they got to their camp site.  Soooo good!

Happy trails!


  1. Good luck with your fund raising adventure. My interest stems from the fact that my husband has had MS for 30yrs. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
    Lynda in Michigan.

  2. Thank you for following Lynda! Your husband must be a very strong person!