The epic journey of a sibling pair as they trek 2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachia Trail.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peas Please!

There has been an unfortunate loss.  Gretel's pink shirt is gone.  It must have fallen off her pack while she was hiking, but don't worry.  Hansel and Gretel have decided that it's ok because the pink one was not as good as the green one anyway.

The other reason we should all be very happy that Gretel's green shirt was spared is because when it rains, Gretel becomes a giant pea.  Not only is her shirt green, she also has a green rain coat and a green pack cover.  Green peas seem to be following Gretel too.  All of the huts always have big huge bowls of green peas.  We aren't sure why.  Maybe they are light weight to carry up or maybe they were on sale at the grocery store.  It's hard to say why peas have been everywhere lately, but it's good to know that Gretel fits in so nicely with this new pea theme.

Happy trails.  Happy peas!


  1. Hey guys. I just met you today on top of Washington. You looked happy and healthy, ready to take in the last few hundred miles. I live up in Maine, so if you need anything when you get up there, don't hesitate to email me.


  2. Hey Helium!

    I'm not sure how close to the trail you actually live, but I know Hansel and Gretel would love your help if it is convenient. Is there an email that we could reach you at? Thanks so much!


  3. I live in Portland, so I'd need advance notice to be of any use. But I am always looking for a reason to hit the trail. I can be reached at the gmail address connected with this post.