The epic journey of a sibling pair as they trek 2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachia Trail.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Munchin' in Monson

The Shaw’s Hotel in Monson served as Hansel and Gretel’s final stop before the 100 Mile Wilderness.  They were greeted by a lovely woman who gave them the basic expectations of all Show’s visitors.  “So basically, this is a home, and while you’re staying here, it’s like your home.  So just treat it like your home.  There is a computer you can use.  There’s a kitchen.  Let me know what you need.”

After Hansel and Gretel took their showers and started settling in, they came upon most wonderful surprise!  A mysterious package with their names on it!  As it turned out, someone who had been following Hansel and Gretel’s story suspected that they would be staying at Shaw’s before going into the 100 Mile Wilderness!  “Such a wonderful surprise!”  Inside the package were some terrific goodies: Gatorade, Cliff Bars, trail mix, and a very kind note! 

When Hansel, Gretel and I were little, we went to a very talented and very knowledgeable soccer trainer, Mr. Turnbull.  Our family has remained in touch with the Turnbull family over the years, and when Hansel and Gretel started their journey, Mr. Turnbull shared their adventure with all of his current students at Soccer Skills and Drills*.  The surprise package came from the very thoughtful family of one of his current students.  Thank you very much!  Such kindness (in addition to those Cliff Bars) is the perfect fuel for this adventure!

Hansel and Gretel didn’t leave Shaw’s as soon as they should have and when they hit the grocery store at 6:15, their spirits dropped a little when the sign on the door said the store was closed.   “We were like, ‘Aw shoot! This stinks!’  ‘cause we really needed to get stuff,” Hansel explained since they were beginning the 100 Mile Wilderness the following morning.  As they stood outside of the store trying to figure out what they were going to do, a man popped his head out the door.

“Ah, can I help you guys?”

“Yeah!  We really need to get some groceries.  Just a couple of things because we are going into the 100 Mile Wilderness tomorrow and we are a little short on food.”

The man quickly opened the doors to them and explained that he was just closing up, but the register was still open.  He was such a nice guy and he even gave them a free post card!  So far Monson was turning out to be a great little town with such friendly people!

Following their resupply at the little grocery store, they walked down the street to Spring Creek Bar-B Q, voted #1 barbecue in the state of Maine!  They had a delicious meal and while they were on their way out, they stated conversing with a fellow who had hiked the Trail in 2001.  He now owns an organic farm and had just returned from the market.  He had a ton of delicious veggies in his truck which he generously offered to our Hansel and Gretel.  He talked a mile a minute in rambles with an excited tone.  As Hansel retold the story, it sounded as if this hiking farmer was an auctioneer speaking very quickly without any pauses between sentences.

“Hey you guys want some vegetables I have all these vegetables I have spinach you want spinach You don’t want spinach I have broccoli I have carrots Carrots are great You can just munch on them while you walk…” 

He ended up giving them a ton of vegetables and the carrots were, in fact, delicious! 

Happy Trails!

*If you would like to pick up some excellent ball skills, develop a love for soccer ballet, learn some fun soccer trivia (do you know Pele’s real name?), understand the meaning of good sportsmanship, improve your handshake, and meet a truly sincere and thoughtful person, you should look into Soccer Skills and Drills with Mr. Turnbull.

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