The epic journey of a sibling pair as they trek 2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachia Trail.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Bad or Too Bad?

Now we all know how Two Bad acquired his trail name: two bad hips, two bad knees, two bad ankles, two bad feet.  But on the trail, when introduced with a verbal name exchange and a visual intake of his appearance and equipment, more than a few hikers thought he was Too Bad: Man-Who-Carries-a-Mighty-Knife-and-Probably-Says “Too Bad” After-Slicing-You-for-Looking-at-Him-the-Wrong-Way.  

On the shoulder strap of his pack, Two Bad carried knives that are used by the US Special Forces guys.  It was clearly hard to miss these weapons, which he stored in an easily accessible location.  The truth of the matter is, those knives were mainly used to cut chunks of cheese, but that didn’t inhibit the intimidation other hikers felt when meeting old Two Bad.  The only person who guessed the real significance of Two Bad’s name was Bum Knee; another senior hiker (with a bum knee) who could relate to the aches and pains.  

Happy Trails and Knife Safety!

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